Acceptance #2 2013, Best in Show, Wisconsin Women’s Network annual show and sale 2014

Art can make you smile.
Art can be an escape.

Feelings, emotions, elements of nature, and the passage of time are common themes in my work. My art is a result of focus and zeroing in on anything in particular that I find fascinating or curious. I like to create depth and contrast and love experimenting with simple lines.  Details give me inspiration.  Throughout the process of creating, I discover and learn about the world and myself.  My ultimate goal is not just the finished product but to enmesh myself in the process of making something. Preferred materials are pastel and mosaic. They are vastly different, hard and soft,     manipulated according to my vision.
The resulting artwork always surprises me when it’s done. While I may be working, learning and discovering while I am making it, it is pure joy for me to create.  And the finished product will hopefully bring the viewer somewhere clever, fun or thoughtful as well.

 Contact: bsgdragonfly (at) yahoo (dot) com

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