Living the Dream

In the Fall of 2009 we finished, “Living the Dream,” a Mosaic project that evolved for the Villager Atrium project on Madison’s East side.  Our theme came from the time of excitement and hope after the election of President Obama.

This is the second project, in which, Leora, Michele and I worked with schools to create a child inspired artwork. The piece is hanging above the open stairwell at the Villager mall.  This time we worked with several Madison schools. The art teachers at these schools were wonderful to work with us. They taught their 4/5 classes using a variety of books we provided which focused on dreaming for the future. They asked their students to draw their dreams for the future. We studied the drawings and using specific drawings or drawing styles and the predominant themes to create a composition. Then, Leora and I taught clay making and glazing classes to the children at Midvale and Lincoln schools and with Michele Hatchell at Shorewood. Those children created the pieces which would be part of the composition. We took the children’s beautiful work and incorporated it into the mosaic. Fabu also worked on this project with the boys and girls club, writing poems about their dreams.

Watching kids get excited to see their work transformed is a humbling and rewarding experience. They truly are brilliant artists.

This project was funded by The American Girl’s Fund for Children, Madison Arts Commission, and Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission.